Australia lists the Houthis as a terrorist organisation

Today the Australian Government has listed the Houthis, as a terrorist organisation under the Criminal Code Act 1995 (the Criminal Code).

Houthis violent attacks in the Gulf of Aden and surrounding region have killed civilians, taken hostages and severely disrupted navigational rights and freedoms in the waters around the Arabian Peninsula, undermining maritime security and global prosperity.

The Government decision to list the Houthis follows advice from Australia security agencies that Houthis are directly or indirectly engaged in the preparing, planning, assisting in, or fostering of terrorist attacks.

Listing as a terrorist organisation under the Criminal Code supports the prosecution of a range of terrorism offences and puts the community on notice that it is a criminal offence to assist that organisation.

Under Division 102 of the Criminal Code it is an offence to be a member of, associate with members of, participate in, train with, or provide support to, a terrorist organisation. These offences are punishable by up to 25 years imprisonment.

The addition of Houthis brings the number of listed terrorist organisations under the Criminal Code to 30. The full list can be found at the National Security website.

Listing Houthis as a terrorist organisation complements the sanctions in place in relation to the entity.