Official documents reveal the corruption of the WFP in Yemen

Official documents have revealed the extent of corruption within the World Food Program (WFP) and its profiting at the expense of exacerbating the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

The documents show that the expenses for activities and programs have been multiplied to an extent that exceeds the basic value of the programs themselves.

Activists have circulated a letter from the World Food Program addressed to the Yemeni Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, confirming that the cost of transporting 40,000 tons of wheat from Poland to Yemen amounts to $20 million, while information and sources confirm that the value of the wheat does not exceed $12 million.

Human rights sources told Khabar Agency that multiplying operational expenses such as salaries, shipping costs, transportation, and distribution has been a deliberate approach taken by international humanitarian organizations in Yemen.

This reveals the fate of donor funds that do not reach the main beneficiaries in Yemen and instead go mostly to relief agency employees.

Yemen received a grant from Poland consisting of 40,000 tons of wheat, which the government has been unable to transport from Polish ports to Yemeni ports since last February.