Houthi leaders flee from Ibb, move their families to Dhamar

A number of Houthi leaders from Saada province were reportedly transferred from Ibb to Dhamar province on Wednesday, as they feared a popular uprising against them in Ibb.

Large crowds had taken to the streets of Ibb to celebrate the 61st anniversary of the September 26 Revolution.

According to local sources, the Houthi leaders moved their families from Ibb to Dhamar due to their extreme fear of a popular uprising spreading in Ibb, especially since there is a significant popular rejection of the militias and their sectarian rule in the province.

The sources said that Houthi leaders from Saada moved their families from Wednesday afternoon until before sunset. Several vehicles and trucks carrying household items and furniture were seen, along with a number of families who arrived in Dhamar and settled in homes that had been seized by military leaders from the legitimate government.

The sources also pointed out that the popular anger in Ibb caused confusion among the Houthi leadership, especially in Saada, prompting them to move from Ibb to Dhamar.

The militias had previously detained dozens of people celebrating the 61st anniversary of the September 26 Revolution.