UN: Houthi military parade in Hodeidah a violation of the Stockholm Agreement

The United Nations Mission in Support of the Hodeidah Agreement, "UNMHA", renewed on Thursday its accusation of the Iran-backed Houthis of violating the Stockholm Agreement.
In a statement, the mission expressed its deep concern about the military parade that took place in the city of Hodeidah today, and considered it a "violation of the Hodeidah Agreement."
"The Mission is monitoring the situation closely and reiterates its appeal to Ansar Allah leadership to fully respect their obligations under the Agreement, particularly as it pertains to keeping the City free of military manifestations".
"It is essential that every effort is made to ensure protection of the local population through full implementation of the Agreement". It added.
This comes hours after the Houthi militia announced the organization of a military parade for what they called the Fifth Military District, which includes a naval and air force in Hodeidah, in the presence of the militia's leader, Mahdi Al-Mashat, head of the group's political council.