Iran-backed Houthis bury 177 of their fighters killed, mostly leaders, in a week

The last days of November witnessed daily funerals and burials of the bodies of dozens of the Iran-backed Houthi fighters in the governorates under their control, at a high toll, which revealed the extent of human losses in their ranks.

The monitoring team of Khabar Agency managed, during the period from November 22 to 30 of the same month, that is, in nine days, to document the funerals and burials of the bodies of (177) Houthi killed, including (119) who pretended to be different military ranks, who im Marib and the West Coast.

According to the team, among the Houthi killed who were given military ranks, 6 at the rank of brigadier, 9 colonels, 17 lieutenant colonels, 19 majors, 18 captains, 18 first lieutenants, 21 second lieutenants, and 6 assistants, while the rest are without ranks, and most of them children.